Iceburn in the High Sierras

Just like the first bite of pizza from the box is always the best, the last ski run of the day is always the worst.   Little brain voice warned me: “You are tired and you are really not that much of a badass.”  Instead I heard my vocal voice answer Sam, my 22-year-old, rocket-skiier son: “Sure, let’s do the expert-only run at the top again and call it a day.”  Any surfer dude will tell you that when a wave attacks, let it roll you.  This mountain rolled me like a tsunami, and a sharp snow geyser ripped up the back of my jacket – icy lightning.  Roll with it, roll with it, said ALL my inner voices in unison.  When the jumble finally stopped, the ski poles were long gone but the sanity flickered back.  Sam zipped down with signature stealth and said, “How ya’ doin’, Mom?”  “Better than dead.”  He will be in med school soon, his girlfriend too.  They diagnosed my back stripe of iceburn as a non-life-threatening condition and prescribed for me red wine, bread cubes, cheese fondue followed by chocolate fondue.  Good for many ailments.  Here’s how the Chocolate Fondue rolls:



12 oz dark chocolate (high quality)

8 oz cream

4 oz milk

2 Tbs. honey

2 Tbs. butter

1 Tbs. dark rum or cognac

1/2 tsp. salt

1 tsp. vanilla

Strawberries, bread or cake slices for dipping

Place all ingredients in a bowl over a large sauce pan of simmering water over low heat.  Allow the fondue to melt and stir occasionally until smooth.  Remove the fondue and place in a fondu pot (over a candle) or serve with skewered strawberries, bread or cake slices.

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